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Yahoo! Answers Is Crap Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Posted by Dick in Anti-Idiot.
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I go to Yahoo! Answers mainly to answer questions and contribute. But lately it’s become such a craphole that I get pissed off every time I even go on.

Barring all the questions that are either stupid polls (“Who is going to win?“) or spam (“Toboggan???????“), about 90% of them could easily be answered with about 5 seconds of research. The people on YA are so lazy that they’re willing to ask their idiotic question in public and risk being considered a moron, rather than using Google and/or Wikipedia.

Below is a breakdown of the types of questions I routinely see on YA:

1. Polls Without A Real Answer

I want to shoot anybody who asks a ridiculous question like “Should we have a YA Avatar beauty contest?” or “Why do people complain about the prices in Abercrombie and Hollister?“. I mean, come on. Give me a break. There are forums and discussion boards for that shit. Keep it out of a site dedicated to answering real questions.

Sadly, YA now has a section dedicated to polls & surveys. Good job pandering to the retards, Yahoo!.

2. Utter Spam

I routinely see questions that aren’t questions at all. But since YA adds the question mark to the end of all submissions, it looks even more ridiculous.

3. 12-Year-Old Social Ineptitude

YA is littered with questions written by little kids that have a lot of growing up to do. One question seriously asked what it meant if a boy tapped her on the shoulder, then (when she looked up) he looked up as if he weren’t doing it. This used to happen all the time in middle school and it was so commonplace and such an old, overused joke that perhaps it went out of style. This girl seriously did not know what the hell it was and was so confused about it. Then, when somebody suggested that he wanted to get her attention, she amended to her question, “But why would he want to get my attention?”

I then came to the conclusion that she was either mentally retarded, or 10 years old. If the latter is true, then she really shouldn’t be anywhere near Yahoo! Answers and should live life before asking the simplest of questions.

Then there are the scary ones. Things like “Im 13 and i think im over weight?” where the girl is 13 years old, weighs only 99 pounds, and thinks that fat on her stomach means she is a disgusting pig. I want to slap her across the face and tell her not to read so many magazines and watch so many modeling shows. It makes me sick to see these kinds of questions even being asked.

4. Homework (or Do It Your Damn Self)

A good number of questions are obviously copied directly from take-home tests or homework questions. Things like “More Math Questions!?” just piss me off. The writer basically asks 5 math questions (after apologizing profusely for wasting people’s time) and then asks “What is prime factorization, and please do it for the number 132.” I answered, quite simply, “Pay attention in class and do your own homework.” I then added, “How dare you have other people do your homework for you. Stop being lazy and learn. This crap is so easy, but I’m not doing it for you.”

What pisses me off even more are the people that actually answer the questions, not realizing that it’s a ploy by a lazy fucktard who wants other people to do the “hard” work for them. And for God’s sake, they’re not even hard question. Is 3/5 less than or greater than 0.70? If you have half a brain and have successfully completed elementary school, you should know this question.

5. Simple Questions (or Google and Wikipedia Are Your Friends)

With Google in one hand and Wikipedia in the other, you have the tools necessary to answer pretty much any question. If people knew how to use either resource, Yahoo! Answers wouldn’t even exist.

That’s it for now. I’m tired and I want to go home.



1. sra - Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Retards keep deleing my serious questions but they allow scum to post their scum questions

2. fuk you - Wednesday, August 19, 2009

fuuck you. i have to disagree to all of your reasons. yahoo answers=ANSWERS. anything can be asked. i do agree on people who say bs, but hey you make it sound like a shitty place, which it is, but man fuck you.

Dick - Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wait… I make it sound like a shitty place, which you agree with, yet somehow “fuck me”? No, man. Fuck you. For being stupid. Fuck you right in the sphincter, douche bag.

3. Stupid Yahoo Answers Post Or Should I say Crap? « Yahooanswersbs's Blog - Friday, August 21, 2009
4. Yahoo Answers BS - Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I agree with u dude…..see my post reg the same,

5. MichaelL - Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yahoo Answers is 99% utter crap. Problem is all that crap ends up in Google search results.

Really wish Google would provide a way to filter out results by domain.

6. themightyra - Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do you guys pee in a jar or something, talk about take yourselves to seriously, who else would you have lined up and shot?

7. Creste - Friday, October 30, 2009

I agree! fuck those Yahoo fucking fucktards! What a bunch of pathetic losers and inbred morons. If one wishes to conceptualize just how many stupid people there are on this planet all one need do is visit answers.yahoo.com for a rough approximate.

8. filesearch.web.id - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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