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My kid DOESN’T hate me! Friday, November 16, 2007

Posted by Dick in Family Life.
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Oh my God. Finally, my 6-month-old son has done something that he has never done before…and it’s not even a real milestone!

He slept for me. Let me repeat that. He slept for me.

My wife recently got a job, after having our son and being out of work unwillingly. I promised I’d pick up the slack and take care of him while she worked during times that I was home. We can’t afford day care, can’t afford a babysitter (or, rather, we don’t trust any), and I work a full-time job during weekdays, the normal 9-to-5 deal.

But ever since I started watching him, he absolutely would not sleep for me. I’d have to ask my mother to hold him until he fell asleep, which she was only too happy to do. But tonight, nobody else was home, so I had to go it alone. He was screaming, crying, being fussy, and just overall I was starting to get desperate. He hadn’t taken a nap all day, a rarity for him, so I was starting to get worried that he’d be overtired and wouldn’t sleep at night either.

Ironically enough, I was Googling for help on getting him to sleep (I Googled “baby doesn’t nap during day”), with him in my arms, propped up basically, so he could see what I was doing (which he likes to do). Magically, I noticed him slightly shifting his weight repeatedly, as his head dropped a millimeter closer and closer to my chest. I couldn’t see his face, but I prayed to the Magical Angry-Yet-Forgiving-Yet-Wrathful-Yet-Loving Monotheistic Deity (MAYFYWYLMD) that he was actually falling asleep, in my arms.

This was something I had considered an impossibility until then. Finally, his head lay to rest on my chest, and I began a gentle rhythm of tapping his back and humming an improvised melody. For a good 15 minutes I did this, hoping that he would enter REM sleep and be out cold.

After a while, I gently let his arm drop from atop my hand, and it fell to my stomach. It was then that I knew he was fully asleep. I lifted myself out of my computer chair, which leans way too far back now that I’ve broken both arms, which was its primary support. He shifted and moved his arms. I nearly shit myself as I resumed the tapping and the humming and tried to lull him back to a deeper sleep. He stopped moving and relaxed again.

Again, I lifted myself up, ever so slowly, and walked as slow as possible to our bedroom, placing him ever so gently into his pack-and-play, where he sleeps until we clean up the mess we left in his crib when we last cleaned our room. He fidgeted and whined a little, while still asleep, so I hurried to give him his pacifier, and backed off, waiting for whatever would happen.

He relaxed and fell back asleep. My mission was a success.

While writing this blog, I heard him whining again on the monitor, and I literally sprinted back to our bedroom, literally across the length of the house, literally panicking, and found another pacifier (since I couldn’t waste time finding the one he dropped nearby). I gave it to him, backed off yet again, and watched in relief as he relaxed and fell back asleep.

It’s been nearly 45 minutes since I put him to sleep, and he’s still sleeping. This counts as his first nap of the day (7:10 PM until now). Thank MAYFYWYLMD.



1. Andrea - Monday, November 19, 2007

OMG I just laughed sooo hard! Thats great that you got Lucas to sleep! 🙂 I am proud of you Daddy! I love you. xox

2. Chari - Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh lord I remember those days LOL!!!

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