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The YouTube Goldmine, Part I Friday, October 26, 2007

Posted by Dick in The YouTube Goldmine.
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Why didn’t I ever see this coming? I’ve been browsing through YouTube for years now, and it only now dawned on me that it is perhaps the greatest resource exchange forum in the history of mankind.

Think about it! You want to see a music video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up?” Then just search YouTube and you’re most likely going to stumble upon it on your first try. Want to see a great tribute video to Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation? Just search for “data tng” or “data star trek” and you’ll probably come across my favorite Star Trek tribute video of all time, Data Working Hard, which uses Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” set to clips of Data being…well, awesome.

It is with this awesome fascination that I present Part I of my series, “The YouTube Goldmine,” where I compile a list of videos on a certain subject…like the best 80’s music videos, rare WWE wrestler entrance videos, amateur song covers, magic trick how-to’s, Windows hacks, and more!

This issue… Rare WWE Wrestler Entrance Videos!

It never dawned on me to combine wrestling themes (which I collect) and entrance videos to create the full package, sort of like what you’d see on the screen at WWE Raw or Smackdown. So here are some of the rarer entrance videos:

The APA (Acolyte Protection Agency)

Before the APA became beer-swilling fun-lovin’ guys, but after they were the Acolytes, loyal followers of the Undertaker, they were kind of stuck in the phase in between. This was one of their entrance videos.

Barbara Bush (“B.B.”)

No, not the former First Lady. You know, I didn’t even know this Diva (back before they were called Divas) even had an entrance video. But, lo and behold, here it is.

The Big Show

Weeeelllllll… well, it’s the Big Show! But what’s with his theme? His video below was used when he briefly used a remixed version of his theme by Mack 10, K Mac, Boo Kapone & MC Eiht, entitled “Big”. Yeah, I don’t know who they are either.

Chris Jericho

One of the rarer entrance videos out there, this is the video that “Y2J” Chris Jericho used during his debut on WWE Raw on August 9th, 1999, interrupting a promo by The Rock. It includes the countdown, the brief pause, and the very first “Break Down the Walls” theme.

David Flair

The comments on this video just make it all the more entertaining. Used as the entrance video for David Flair, the son of WWE Legend Ric Flair. It is a loop of a 4-second video. Flashy text, David pops up, rubs hands, twists, then Ric Flair pops up, as if to say “God, what a weirdo.” Here it is.


This wasn’t exactly Eugene’s first entrance video, but it was his first theme.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jake Roberts had been wrestling in WWE far before entrance videos were ever conceived. But this was the first one that he used once they became commonplace. Kick-ass theme as well.

Mark Henry

The-the… the-the-the beat kicks… start rockin’, rockin’… to the rhythm! I forgot when he used this theme, but it was for a short time, before he had much of a personality. Like he ever had one.

Randy Orton

Third-generation superstar! Yeah like anybody cares about, or even remembers, that fact anymore. This was his first theme, and his first video. I think it was a bad move to include clips of his father, Cowboy Bob Orton, like he was riding on his coattails. But he soon proved himself.

Rocky Maivia

The Blue Chipper! This original version of The Rock was so goofy, cheery, and chipper, that he caused legions of WWE fans to chant “Die, Rocky, Die!” and “Rocky Sucks!” This was one of the few times that WWE actually rolled with it, made him a heel (bad guy), and let him become popular that way. He was hated so much that people started to like him.

Sean Morley

Sean Who?! Val Venis went through a phase where he used his real name and gained power in this role, becoming WWE commissioner, kinda like the GM, but of the entire company, when there weren’t separate rosters. This didn’t last very long, obviously.

Taka Michinoku

Before he was in a tag team with Funaki as Kaientai, he was Light Heavyweight Champion (the WWE’s Cruiserweight belt before buying out WCW in 2001 and using their belt). This was his original theme and entrance video.

The Rock (Nation of Domination)

The Rock joined Faarooq’s stable, the Nation of Domination, and soon overthrew the latter to become its new leader. This was the theme and video he used while in the group. If you listen to his 2nd theme, “Destiny”, listen to this Nation theme, then listen to the Rock’s later themes, you will notice that his later themes are clearly a merger between his old theme and the Nation theme. Theme evolution at its finest. Another great example of theme evolution is the “California” theme, used for WrestleMania 2000, which was later transformed into Theodore Long’s “MacMilitant” theme (originally used for Rodney Mack, hence the title).

Shelton Benjamin

It’s all about the Benjamins! What! Come on! Yeah! Bring it! Holla at me, dawg! Come on! Yeah! Repeat, ad nasueum. I don’t even remember him ever using this entrance video, but here it is.

Ultimate Warrior (snort)

This entrance video was used for his extremely short-lived return in 1996. It was during this return that he defeated a then-new Hunter Hearst Helmsley (later Triple H) in about 12 seconds. That sweet feeling of seeing Triple H being squashed was short-lived as well.

Vince McMahon

This was Vince’s first entrance video, used in 1999. He was the “evil owner” character well before then, but he didn’t get his own theme or video until this one.

Oh, but that’s not all. Far from it, in fact. I collected over 250 entrance videos, most of them current or not-so-rare older videos. Maybe I’ll post that list in a later post.

So, as you can see, YouTube is a venerable goldmine of neat stuff. I’ll be back later with plenty more in later installments of…The YouTube Goldmine



1. Andrea - Monday, November 19, 2007

SNORE! I dont like this one… WHO cares??? lol 😛 Love you.

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