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But… but… 9/11 was staged! Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Posted by Dick in Anti-Idiot.
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I’m sick of tin-foil-hat wearing idiots.

If you’re one of those morons that believes that 9/11 was somehow staged and planned, and you buy into the conspiracy nonsense that’s been oozing its way across the Internet like some bad sludge, then please listen up.

You ask questions. How could WTC Building 7 possibly have collapsed when it wasn’t as close to the towers as other buildings that did not collapse? Never in the history of the universe has a steel building collapsed from fire, blah blah blah…

Listen to me. Just because you are ignorant of the answer, does NOT mean there is none!

Allow me to let that sink in for a moment.

There, done? Good. Now, here we go.

The popular belief is that WTC 7 contained explosives, since fire alone has never felled a modern skyscraper.

The facts? Well, several critical factors compromised WTC 7’s structural integrity. Among those are: damage to the south face, unusual structural design to accommodate a Con Edison substation, extreme weight bearing on the floors, and long-burning diesel fuel leaked from large emergency generators.

That’s it! Now seriously, folks, tell me where the conspiracy lies. And don’t give me that “controlled demolition” bullshit either. None of the towers collapsed in a way even remotely similar to actual, real demolitions.

“No! Explosives brought down the Twin Towers! Look at the pattern and timing of the dust and debris blown out from the floors! The vertical fall of the towers! There were two seismic tremors that coincided with their collapse!”

Sigh. The impact of the rather large Boeing 767s damaged support columns and steel floor trusses. This, my friends, caused the inward collapse of perimeter columns, which pulled floors straight down. A misquote of a demolition expert (a popular action among conspiracy theorists) propagated the explosives theory. Seismic spikes, caused by debris hitting the ground, were recorded 10 seconds after each tower started to fall.

Wow, it’s all starting to make some sense now, isn’t it?

“But noooo!!! The holes in the Pentagon! A missile or smaller plane… most certainly not Flight 77… struck the Pentagon! The size of two holes in Rings C and E were wayyy too small to have been made by a 757! A 757 has a wingspan of nearly 125 feet! Explain that, bucko!”

Gladly. Witnesses saw the 757 hit the Pentagon. The plane lost its wings when one hit the ground and the other slammed into the building’s west wall before the Boeing’s fuselage tore a 75-foot hole in the outermost Ring E. The jet’s landing gear caused the 12-foot hole in inner Ring C. But to question Flight 77’s demise is to question the fate of the 64 people onboard; the remains of all but one have been identified!

Anymore? I’m sure there are…

“Noooo!! Fighter jets in range of the hijacked planes surely must have been under orders to stand down! No fighters from the 28 Air Force bases in the area were scrambled!”

You see, there are seven alert sites on the U.S. mainland. Each has two active aircraft that can scramble fighters. The 9/11 commission itself concluded that F-15s were scrambled within 6 minutes of notification of the hijacking of Boston’s Flight 11. Because the hijackers had dismantled the planes’ transponders, the F-15s could not identify the endangered aircraft.

“Ah hah! What about Osama Bin Laden? A few Arabs in the desert could not have possibly pulled this off!”

To say that is to underestimate an enemy… a fatal mistake that should never occur. I won’t even mention the fact that that statement is utterly racist and ignorant. Arabs can pull off anything that Americans, Japanese, or even Canadians (if they were so inclined) can.

Furthermore, who says the hijackers made it crystal clear that they had a bomb, as well as box cutters? They were perfect for this crime. Not only did Bin Laden go to school for civil engineering right about when the towers were under construction, but the US actually used him to hold off the USSR in Afghanistan. Most of the hijackers had college educations, as well as flight experience and simulator training.

In fact, our government probably thought that “a few Arabs in the desert could not have pulled it off” as well. Their underestimation of the hijackers and Bin Laden allowed 9/11 to occur. If there is any conspiracy, it was on the part of the hijackers, waiting until our guard was down enough. That’s it.

And what about the fore-warnings of terrorist threats before 9/11? If there really was some grand conspiracy, wouldn’t early warnings be counterproductive to making it all happen? Why would some parts of our government warn of a threat, while the other parts made it happen? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Instructing pilots not to open the cockpit doors under any circumstance, plus fitting the airliners with better cockpit doors, may have stopped the attacks. Pilots were under the old rule of doing as the hijackers say. Our experience with hijackers until 9/11 had told us that doing what they said usually resulted in the plane landing after giving them money or whatever it was they wanted.

We had no experience with religious radicals who wanted to cause damage, even at their own expense.

Saying that they were “only” a few Arabs from the desert appeals to the racist in us. Any small group with the same ideals could have done what the hijackers did.

I didn’t even mention the fact that Bin Laden confessed to planning the 9/11 attacks.

“But…but… the towers were the first steel high rises to fall from fire in history! Explain that!”

Again, omission of relevant information fuels the fires of paranoia. There were a lot of “firsts” for the WTC that fateful day. In all the history of high-rise fires…

  • not one has ever been hit with a plane traveling over 500 miles per hour.
  • not one has ever had its fireproofing removed from the trusses as a result.
  • not one has ever had its steel columns (which hold a lateral load) sheared off by a 767.
  • not one has ever been a building that had the vertical load bearing columns in its core removed by an airliner.
  • not one has ever been left for 6 to 7 hours with its bottom floors on fire with structural damage from another building collaps, like WTC 7.

The list could go on, but hopefully it’s penetrated through that thick skull of yours. Saying that the WTC buildings were the first high-rise buildings in history to fall from fire is a deceptive statement, because it purposely leaves out the above circumstances.

As for the fact that the towers fell straight down, which looks like a controlled demolition, keep in mind that the towers were steel without concrete. The towers’ permieter steel walls were held in place by the trusses that were connected to the perimeter column by small bolts.

It’s impressive that the WTC towers held up for as long as they did after being attacked full speed by 767s. They were design to only withstand a crash from the largest plane at the time of their construction, the smaller and slower 707. The 707’s fuel load was never considered at the time!

Jet fuel + collision = tower collapse

If you’re not a scientist, please don’t debate this point without scientific evidence to back you up.

It’s like taking a car accident apart and saying the car shouldn’t have skidded off the road because the factory claimed the car could grip up to 0.97 Gs. Although true, it doesn’t take into account other factors, such as rain, dirt, gravel, etc.

You tin-foil hat morons deal in disinformation. You KNOW that the above factors cannot be separated. Yet you do just that, and manipulate information to make your point!

I want to mention one final thing. In order to pull off this massive conspiracy, thousands of people would have had to be involved: the Bush Administration, the NYC firefighters, the courts (for imposing a gag order), the NYC Police Department (who lost over 20 lives), the NYC Port Authority (who lost personnel), all the people in the Pentagon (many of whom are liberal and centrist), the more than 1,600 widows and widowers of 9/11 (who would rather have investigations of the decisions which led to the terrorists getting away with this), the media (who doesn’t follow up on the biggest mass murder and conspiracy in American history), the photographers worldwide (who took pictures of the towers that clearly show bowing of the perimeter columns), Popular Mechanics (who debunked these sites), PBS Nova (who created a documentary explaining in detail how and why the buildings fell), everyone in the NIST (who obviously doesn’t have a moral person in hundreds of employees for covering this up), NY Governer Pataki (who sold steel from the WTC for the construction of the USS New York), the NY city scrap yards (who also sold steel to China before all of it was tested…right), every structural engineer in the world (since laymen know everything from watching videos and reading interviews out of context), the liberals who don’t believe the towers were brought down (like me), the CIA, the FBI, FEMA, the American Society of Civil Engineers (who have produces peer reviewed papers showing how the supposedly impossible is indeed possible), NORAD, the FAA (who saw planes that supposedly never existed), the Silverstein Group (who must have helped for insurance money), Silverstein’s Insurance Company (who didn’t question the collapse and paid out billions to Silverstein), American Airlines (for the Pentagon), United Airlines (same reason), Logan Airpoint, Newark Airport, Dulles Airport (for losing the planes), scientists and engineers (who supposedly developed remote control plane technology), installer of the remote control devices in the planes, remote controllers of said planes, scientists and engineers who developed the new demolition technology (that defies what we know of current demolition technology), installers of said demolition devices, people who worked at the company(s) the installers used as cover, airphone employees who got calls from passengers, fake friends and relatives of the fake passengers, people who detonated the buildings, and anyone who thinks the conspiracy is a diversion to take liberal activist focus off of real crimes.

Man, that’s a long list, huh? Even if half of those people were misled or lied to, that’s still quite a lot of people to be in on something this big.

Even conspiracies with only a handful people are doomed. Look at Enron and Watergate! The more people you involve, the more likely the conspiracy will fall apart. The amount of people needed for even the most basic of conspiracy theories is enough to fill one of the towers. It’s absurd to think this many people could keep a mass murder for Bush a secret this long.




1. Ally - Thursday, October 25, 2007

“Why would some parts of our government warn of a threat, while the other parts made it happen? Doesn’t make much sense to me.”
i should say that what you wrote doesn’t make any sense, because think about it, the government as a whole did not need to work together to make this happen. No one was prepared for the attack. I am not saying that i truly feel that it was government’s fault, no, i actually think it was the terrorists, but some facts such as how the building went down, and just many more make me think differently. I really hope that it wasn’t government, b/c that would be the biggest mistake the US could have made. Also. in order for government to make the attack happen, all those people that you listen below do not need to be included in the process. Only several people could have known about the attack. All the reporters, as you said. worldwide would not be needed. We already have all kinds of pictures, videos and etc.
Some things that you say are not very supported, but they do make sense. I personally think it is stupid of you to call people morons, and write in a way you wrote. It is an interesting article to read, but not with all those: ‘Allow me to let that sink in for a moment.

There, done? Good. Now, here we go.”
If you think it’s very productive and fascinating you are very wrong. People have their own opinions and so does everyone has several facts to support their ideas!

2. Dick - Thursday, October 25, 2007

I said what I said.

Thanks for your comment, but that’s my writing style. I say what’s on my mind. If I call people idiots for believing in some loony fantasy, that’s because I feel that way.

Now that’s not to say that questions shouldn’t be asked. I should have made that clear. It’s vital for humanity to question everything…but when one clings onto the conspiracy theories without even listening to facts and evidence contrary to their beliefs, then I start spewing. 🙂

3. counter1 - Friday, November 30, 2007


Your everything they want you to be. Keep up the good work, you fucking sheep boy!

4. Dick - Friday, November 30, 2007

Listen to what you just said, counter1. You ever see those crazy, homeless, old guys spouting crap about the end of the world, and how we’re all blind to the “truth”?

Yeah, I can see you ending up being one of those guys soon enough.

Go put on your tin foil hat, go deny the holocaust and the moon landing, and keep on pretending that you’re NOT a lunatic.

Seriously, you provide NO arguments for your point. No “truthers” ever do. They just claim that they’re right and those who disagree are sheep (somehow) and never actually back up their idiocy with evidence and clear, concise arguments.

5. Craliasmola - Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Super post, hope to definitely visit again..

6. Malaysian - Friday, January 22, 2010

Do let the Ex Prime Minister of Malaysia to know about the facts above. Right now he is coming up with this propaganda to make it even more worst for us in Malaysia.

7. Malaysian - Friday, January 22, 2010

Google This : Mahathir 9/11 was staged

8. Jerome - Thursday, September 16, 2010



Go ahead and laugh now… because you won’t be laughing when judgement comes…. they you will understand fully who is the boss…

9. Shannon - Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whether 9/11 itself was an act done by terrorists or planned by our very own government is undetermined. That is just a fact. You cannot wholeheartedly say that it definitely was not our government that set up this awful tragedy in an attempt to “scare” it’s citizens into supporting a war, but at the same time you can’t prove that it wasn’t ACTUALLY terrorists that did such a thing.
If it was a hoax, the only people involved would have been the people hi-jacking the planes and the government people that arranged it. I firmly believe that if that is the case, no citizen would have known that is was a self-inflicted wound. Those firefighters and policemen, as well as people in the towers when they were hit, would have died only so that our country could go to war and more deaths could follow.
Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not saying that it was staged, or planned, or anything of that matter. I’m simply considering all of the possibilities. I like to believe that it was terrorists. So that all of this death that has come from that violent act would not have been for nothing. But I don’t honestly know, and neither do you.

Dick - Thursday, April 21, 2011

So, what, if I can’t disprove a wild claim, that claim suddenly has validity? The burden of proof is on those who make the assertion that a conspiracy was behind 9/11. Without any evidence to back it up, the claim is invalid until it can be backed up with such evidence. Simple as that.

10. Ameya - Thursday, April 21, 2011

well, i know its very late to comment on it, but i became aware of a few facts recently. All I want to point out is, you simply put up too much emphasis on how the events occured. I mean, how the towers collapsed and all. You haven’t even thought about the financial aspects behind this. Otherwise, you would have known the amout of call and put options happened on boeing days before 9/11 and the budgetary data destroyed in pentagon attacks. Sometime, pulling off a major event requires a few key high level players. How many in manhatten project were knowing what they were making? May be Dick Chenny was desparate to have pipeline contract in Afganistan, which was remotely accessible to US before 9/11.
Frankly, most of the US citizens used to think world ends outside US and 9/11 made them little aware about the fact that how much real world hates them.

11. joel - Thursday, July 26, 2012

ok so jet fuel that doesnt burn hot enough to bend steal brought the buildings down and wtc7 that had some damage and fire damage just collapsed the only three buildings in history to collapse cause of damage and fire . think of how strong those building were they were built to with stand multiple plane crashes and it would not just fall straight down there would be resistance of the floors below the impacts and the lower floors were not damaged by the planes and would stand strong. if anything the top would just fall off.
bin laden worked for the cia we trained them and do you really think some goat herders could pull off such a large attack without our backing. and there is no way the pentagon was hit by a plane that size and leave no evidence of a boeing and do so little damage its all in the name of power and population control you are just blind that you cant see the truth. our country has the largest defense contractor business in the world the only way to promise those peoples jobs is to make sure there is war.

Dick - Thursday, July 26, 2012

From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/1340225/Twin-towers-built-to-withstand-plane-crash.html:

British consulting engineer Professor Alastair Soane said today: “They were extremely robust buildings and built to withstand a tremendous amount.

“But this was of course a completely abnormal situation and one which would not have been envisaged by the people who built it. The strength of the towers was enormous but they would not have been designed for aircraft strikes.

“There are buildings which are designed to withstand plane impacts but these are mainly for very sensitive buildings. The main impact on a building would be from the engines because they hold the mass of the plane, but there is also the fuel which would ignite.

“Because the structure is steel and concrete, the main fire load is in the furniture and the carpets.The towers were designed to be so tall to maximise the available space in the plaza below. They were initially expected to be just 80-90 floors high but the extra height was incorporated to make them the world’s tallest buildings – a distinction they held until just 1974.

“They were built with steel columns with floor trusses extending out from the central core to the perimeter and were the first buildings of such size created without masonry.
Professor Soane, an acquaintance of engineer Leslie Robertson who constructed the towers, said: “These were very advanced designs for their time. There was a very large amount of space between the central core and the outer perimeter of the buildings which allowed a lot of office space.”

Dick - Thursday, July 26, 2012


“The twin towers didn’t collapse immediately, but the structural strength was affected by the subsequent explosion and the progressive effects of the fire seem to have triggered the final collapse. Of course it is up to investigators to identify the exact cause of the collapse but it seems to have been a combination of catastrophic events beyond any reasonable expectations.”

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